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#ChinatownMuralProject is a collaboration between activist Karlin Chan and artist Peach Tao. Together, they are bringing back large scale murals to the Chinatown area and beyond. The whimsical and fun culturally appropriate murals depict the culture, history and everyday lives of the community that locals and visitors can relate to.

the goal

The colorful murals are brightening up the neighborhoods, creating photogenic spots in hopes of drawing people into the Chinatown area which has been hit hard by the pandemic through Art for Recovery. They also help increasing foot traffic to help support local businesses.

Meet The Team

Karlin Chan


Long time community leader and activist/advocate of Chinatown, NYC.

Peach Tao


Resident Artist Peach Tao is a Brooklyn-based illustrator, muralist, and printmaking artist. She loves creating whimsical images inspired by her environments and travelings around the world. She aspires to create works that evoke the feeling of having sweets on a Sunday afternoon :)
Born and raised in Beijing, China, she received a BFA in illustration and printmaking from Savannah College of Art and Design. Peach enjoys painting fun murals and windows for all kinds of places throughout NYC and Beijing: public schools, hospitals, small businesses, public spaces, bars and restaurants etc.

Lou Wang-Holborn


Lou Wang-Holborn is a creative producer and documentary filmmaker based in New York City. She has worked with numerous media and commercial brands on editorials, branded content and commercials. During the pandemic, Lou started documenting the Chinatown community and is involved in several community service projects and events. She brought together Karlin and Peach to install a mural in support of saving PS 23 in summer 2020. At Chinatown Mural Project, Lou contributes by documenting the installations and providing social media content.


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